How to fit a blow-off valve

The simplest way to fit a blow off valve is to buy a GFB ‘bolt-on' blow off valve kit. Bolt-on kits are available for many vehicles including Audi 1.8T, Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, Mitsubishi Lancer GSR and EVO, Mitsubishi Galant VR4, Nissan Skyline, Nissan 200SX, Subaru WRX & STi, Subaru Liberty/Legacy GT and Volkswagen 1.8T.

If there isn't a bolt-on kit available, don't worry, you can still fit a GFB BOV to almost any turbo car. Using the standard adaptors supplied with a Go Fast Bits blow-off valve you can…

1. Hose mount

Many OEM bypass/diverter valves use rubber hoses, which makes it very easy to replace them with a GFB unit as shown. A range of hose adaptors are available from GFB to suit all of the common hose sizes used.

Be careful about the orientation of the valve when the factory inlet and outlet hose are the same diameter. The majority of European manufacturers install their diverter valves in the opposite orientation to the way a GFB valve should be installed. Boost should always enter the bottom of a GFB valve, and dump through the side outlet(s).

2. Pipe mount

Two sizes of pipe mount bases are available – 1” or 1.5” (25.4mm or 38mm), and short lengths of pipe in these diameters are available in stainless steel or alloy.

Select a suitable location on the factory inlet plumbing (somewhere between the turbo and the throttle), and weld the suitable pipe into position. The GFB BOV then pushes onto this pipe and is sealed by the supplied o-ring that sits in a groove inside the base. The BOV secures on the pipe with grub screws and locking nuts (also supplied).

3. Vehicle specific adaptor

Some OEM valves bolt up to a flange, and GFB has a range of vehicle specific flange adaptors to suit many cars. The GFB blow-off valve then mounts onto the adaptor in the same way as the pipe mount described above.

Note that some GFB flange adaptors screw directly into the bottom of the GFB valve, thereby replacing the original base entirely.

You can find installation instructions for all GFB BOVs here.