What makes the GFB Stealth FX and Deceptor Pro blow-off valves different to other blow-off valves on the market?

Other manufacturers will claim that their valves allow the noise to be adjusted, but none can do it to the extent, or with the ease, that the GFB Stealth FX and Deceptor Pro can. Furthermore, no manufacturer will be able to offer a product with this degree of adjustability, since this technology is patented.

Neither of these blow-off valves change the noise by muffling the air vented to the atmosphere. They change the ratio of air that is vented to either the inlet or the atmosphere. This way the noise can be completely silent like a factory valve, or as loud as you want.

In cars that suffer from backfiring or throw the check engine light with a vent-to-atmosphere valve, the GFB Stealth FX and Deceptor Pro blow-off valves can be tuned to vent as much air as possible to the atmosphere before the problem occurs, so that having the noise is still possible.

So whether it is the Stealth FX hand-adjustable blow-off valve, or the Deceptor Pro in-car electronically adjustable blow-off valve, you're getting the best and most adjustable BOV on the market!