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SXV T9302 Recirculating Bypass Valve

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Push the Potential of your Turbo Polaris with the GFB SXV Recirculating Bypass Valve

The SXV draws on proven GFB design and manufacturing techniques, specifically tailored to meet the demands of turbo side-by-sides. Developed as part of the GFB family of products, well known in the aftermarket automotive industry for their legacy of performance and reliability, you can rest assured that this latest addition is no exception.

The plastic factory bypass valves fitted to turbo Polaris models are known to crack and fail, causing significant boost loss and poor performance. Switching out to a T9302 not only ensures you get the best possible throttle response, boost holding, and spool up, it also offers rock-solid reliability, no matter how hard you send it!

Why install a GFB SXV?

  • Precision CNC machined components for rugged reliability
  • Viton piston seal for the ultimate boost holding
  • Adjustable spring pre-load to dial in the best throttle response
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Australian made, backed by a lifetime warranty

Enhance your Turbocharged Polaris RZR and install a GFB SXV today!

The Devil’s in the Details

With 25 years of experience in turbo blow-off and bypass valves, we’ve learned a few things along the way. Whilst they seem like a simple devices, when you drill down there’s more to it than meets the eye.

What is the purpose of a blow-off/bypass valve?

Turbo compressor surge prevention is the number one reason OEMs use a bypass valve. Compressor surge is the fluttering sound you get when closing the throttle of a turbocharged engine that doesn’t have a bypass valve. This sound is the result of boost pressure forcing its way back out through the turbo’s compressor, which places additional loads on the thrust bearing and compressor blades.

A bypass valve relieves boost pressure when you close the throttle, thereby preventing compressor surge and extending the life of the turbo.

The Polaris already has a factory-fitted bypass valve – why replace it?

1: To ensure the ultimate reliability:

The factory fitted bypass valve on Polaris RZR turbo models is constructed with a plastic body and uses an un-reinforced rubber diaphragm to move the piston. The plastic can crack, and the diaphragm can rupture, causing a loss of boost pressure. In cases where the leak is significant and you keep on driving, the turbo can suffer accelerated wear or damage from overspeeding.

The SXV uses an uncompromising approach to design and materials to ensure all your hard-earned boost gets to the engine, so the turbo doesn’t work harder than it needs to.

GFB’s lifetime warranty is an indication of how confident we are that this product won’t let you down!

2: For the best possible throttle response and performance:

Factory bypass valves (and many aftermarket brands) are a “normally open” type i.e. when the manifold is in vacuum, the factory valve is wide open. It doesn’t close until you open the throttle enough to bring the manifold into boost. This operation method results in less than optimum throttle response.

The SXV operates differently, using a pressure-balanced piston design with spring pre-load adjustment for fine-tuning. This allows the SXV to operate “normally closed”, meaning it only blows off when the throttle is closing AND there is boost pressure that needs venting. It does not remain open at partial throttle like other valves, which means turbo lag is reduced when you nail the throttle.


About this range

 The SXV draws on proven GFB design and manufacturing techniques, specifically tailored to meet the demands of turbo side-by-sides.

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