Atomic Single Stage Boost Controller

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Atomic Single Stage Boost Controller

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GFB Atomic Boost Controller Case Study

3001-1The Atomic has earned a reputation as being one of the most reliable and effective manual boost controllers on the market, boasting a repeatable and steady boost curve, quick rise rate, and great bang-for-buck!

The Atomic Boost Controller was tested on an MY02 Subaru WRX (whose only mods were a turbo-back exhaust) back-to-back with the factory controller.  A base-line power run was performed with the factory boost control, and the boost level was measured at the same time.  The Atomic was then installed and set to the same peak boost level of 0.9bar (13.2 psi) so that the spool-up time could be accurately compared before and after the installation.

The dyno graph shows the Atomic boost curve in green, and the factory curve in blue. 4th gear is used for both tests, and proof that the Atomic was set to the same peak level is seen towards the end of the chart as the two curves meet.  However, notice the massive gains down low in the rev range, as much as 18kW (23.4hp) AT THE WHEELS!

This increase in power shows that the Atomic allows the boost to rise significantly earlier than the factory controller, which on the road represents much better acceleration from a whopping 1700RPM earlier in the rev range.  All this WITHOUT exceeding the factory peak boost level, and for a pocket-money price!  


It is important to note that the MY01-02 (MY02-03 in the US, GDA chassis) model responds very well to this modification, because the factory boost mapping is very conservative in an attempt to keep the torque curve flat and the power delivery linear (which totally kills the feeling that you are driving a turbo!).  Note of course that boost can be increased above the factory level for more power gains, but the purpose of this experiment was only to show the improved spool-up potential on this particular model WRX.

So, if you want your GDA WRX to REALLY feel lively, fit an Atomic or Reactor boost controller for the best “bang-for-your-buck” modification you can make!


More about Manual Boost Controllers

Take control of the boost level in your turbo car with a GFB boost controller, one of the simplest and most cost effective power increases available.

The GFB Atomic/G-Force II boost controller is only for use on turbo systems that use a wastegate. It cannot be used to control boost pressure on VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine)/VGT (Variable Geometry Turbine) turbos.

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I installed this days after I put on the 9003 respons blow off valve, the pep compared to the factory boost controller is fantastic, the subie was quick before, now its snappy as can be.


I bought the boost controller about a years ago for my Ford probe GT and it has performed way past my expectations. two thumbs up for the GFB Atomic Boost Controller


i love this little thing


Bought 10 of these valves some years ago from a UK distributor to sell in my garage and these valves are absolute magic, they substitute solenoids that are prone to failure and aid in finding power and better fuel economy on petrol and diesel vehicles, totally tamper proof so customers don't fool around with settings. Just recently it even helped us diagnose a oil flooded WG actuator and even helped bleed the oil from the unit. A great affordable product from GFB!


Having previously used an Atomic boost controller in a Mazda 323 BFMP I knew these were a good product. Fitting to my forester took 10 minutes, adjusting the boost level another 10. With boost set at the factory level it has transformed the power delivery with boost coming on much earlier and smoother.


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Saturday, 20 October 2018
Got this because I changed my stock intercooler for a larger . Quality is AAA, packaging, engineering, quality of production!!! I am speechless. Did the job and increased my boost to the required psi! Great work guys, great products and fantastic tech support!
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