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FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (Bosch Rail Mount Replacement)

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GFB FX-S 8051 takes over where the factory regulator stops!


  • Direct fit replacement for Bosch clip in regulators (see below for fitment info)
  • 1/8″ NPT gauge port
  • More than double the flow of the factory regulator, allowing increased pump capacity without having to replace the factory fuel rail
  • Gasoline, ethanol, and methanol compatible
  • Double layer/double reinforced diaphragms with a burst strength exceeding 500psi
  • Teflon co-polymer seat with stainless valve to retain fuel pressure longer after shut down
  • Spring pre-load adjustment platform is o-ring sealed and does not leak vacuum/boost
  • Static pressures adjustable from 1.4-5bar (20-72psi – subject to pump flow and factory return line restriction)
  • Completely serviceable

GFB’s popular and compact FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator is now also available as a direct drop-in replacement for common Bosch regulators that clip into the fuel rail.

If you increase the performance of your engine, you need to ensure your fuel system can deliver the goods or you’re going to have a bad day! Upgrading the fuel pump is the first step, but doing this alone will usually result in excessive fuel pressure, especially at idle. This is because the factory Bosch regulators typically don’t flow enough to support larger fuel pumps, especially with turbo E85 setups that demand high fuel flow rates.

Rather than replacing the entire fuel rail, or using an adaptor with a separate fuel pressure regulator, simply clipping in the FX-S 8051 will allow you to run a much larger pump setup even with the factory rail. And if you need to adjust the fuel pressure, that’s no problem – unlike the fixed-pressure Bosch regulators, the FX-S can be adjusted from 1.4bar to 5bar.

Like all GFB FX regulators, the FX-S 8051 is compatible with pump gas, Ethanol, or Methanol, and also incorporates a soft Teflon valve seat (rather than metal on metal) that will always positively seal and hold fuel pressure on shut down for reliable engine startups.

The double layer diaphragm has twice the reinforcing material of the single layer type used in most regulators, and as a result the burst strength exceeds 500psi!

The 1/8” NPT port can be used for a fuel pressure gauge or electronic pressure sensor, or it can simply be plugged using the port plug provided.


Known vehicle fitments are listed in the “Vehicle Applications” tab, but please note that the 8051 is taller than the factory regulator and some of the listed applications may have minor clearance issues due to the added height.

The dimensioned drawing opposite shows a comparison of the 8051 FX-S and the factory Bosch regulator, which should help you identify any clearance concerns before purchasing.

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The Go Fast Bits range of Fuel Pressure Regulators and Accessories have you covered, no matter what your Fuel Pressure Regulator requirements are!

8051 Video

8051 Video

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Vehicle Applications

FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator (Bosch Rail Mount Replacement) also suits:

  • FORD AUSTRALIA XR6 BA-BF 4.0L turbo 02-08
  • FORD AUSTRALIA XR6 FG 4.0L turbo 08-on
  • FORD AUSTRALIA XR6 BA-BF 4.0L turbo 02-08
  • FORD AUSTRALIA XR6 BA-BF 4.0L turbo 02-08
  • FORD AUSTRALIA XR6 FG 4.0L turbo 08-on
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