GFB's Short Shift kit (part number 4003) is like no other until you feel the action of one for yourself, you won t believe the difference!

Why did we bother to make a short shift kit, when there are so many other brands available? Because there was room for improvement!

Shift throw is adjustable up to a 20% reduction over standard, which is about the same as Subaru's own optional shift kit, but at a fraction of the cost. If 20% is not enough throw reduction for your taste, you can always add the 4202 kit, which allows the throw to reduced even further, to about 40%, which equates to about 50mm (1.95") from 3rd to 4th gear - a larger reduction than is possible with any other shifter on the market, all whilst retaining the stock gearstick height!

We've also made the installation easier than other brands by including a unique pin removal tool for the pesky little split pin holding the reverse lock-out cable - once you install it, you'll know why little details like this make such a big difference!

Our products are manufactured in Australia and the company is accredited to ISO 9001, which ensures our products meet stringent quality requirements at all stages of manufacture.

GFB have Australia's best performance turbo management solutions.

Please note, this kit does NOT fit Liberty/Legacy 6MT transmissions.

GFB's Short Shift kits