The GFB Deceptor Pro II (part number T9525) is built on our patented Respons technology, but it goes one step further&

How? The action of adjusting venting bias between recirculation and atmosphere is controlled electronically, so you can now adjust the volume of your blow-off valve from the driver s seat! Every turbo-car owner knows that while making noise is fun, there are times when you d prefer to be seen, but not heard.

The Deceptor Pro II also features the GFB TMS advantage, which is designed specifically for the purpose of turbo lag reduction and improving throttle response. Tests show TMS features can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears.

Adjust your BOV venting bias electronically on-the-fly
Revised porting to optimise flow and venting bias
Compact design, fits in most factory valve locations
Direct bolt on kits for many vehicles
New valve bore finishing process ensures a lifetime of reliable operation

Deceptor Pro II features:
" Remote, proportional blow-off valve volume control from silent to loud, or anywhere in between
" Modern, compact in-car BOV volume controller with backlit dial
" Volume adjustment mechanism driven by a high-torque servo motor
" Durable, low-friction gear train supported by precision sealed ball-bearing
" Supplied with all parts and wiring required to have it up and running quickly and easily

These unique products manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 can deliver performance with as much or as little noise as you like; with the GFB Deceptor Pro II you CAN achieve a blow-off sound without throwing a CEL, running rich, stalling, using more fuel or causing any other problems commonly associated with atmosphere-venting valves on cars with MAF sensors.

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