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Go Fast Bits Unleashes The GFB SXV Recirculating Bypass Valve For Turbo Polaris RZR Models


Performance Without Compromise: Elevate Your Turbocharged Polaris Experience

Sydney, Australia, [16/02/2024] – Go Fast Bits, a leading provider in aftermarket automotive performance, proudly
introduces the GFB SXV Recirculating Bypass Valve, explicitly designed for turbo Polaris RZR models. This innovative addition,
part number T9302, promises to revolutionize the turbo experience for enthusiasts seeking unmatched performance and

About the GFB SXV:

Drawing upon 25 years of GFB’s proven design and manufacturing excellence, the SXV is crafted to meet the unique demands
of turbo side-by-sides. As a testament to GFB’s legacy of performance and reliability, the SXV ensures top-notch throttle
response, boost holding, and spool-up.

Key Features:

  •  Replacement for plastic factory bypass valves, which is a known issue that can cause significant loss of boost and
  • Precision CNC Machined Components for Rugged Reliability
  • Adjustable Spring Pre-Load for Optimal Throttle Response
  • Viton Piston Seal for Ultimate Boost Holding
  • Easy Installation and Removal

Why Choose GFB SXV?

Precision, Performance, and Reliability:

The GFB SXV offers a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing not only optimal throttle response, boost holding, and spool-up but also
providing rock-solid reliability, ensuring peak performance no matter the driving conditions.

Advanced Design for Superior Results:

The SXV’s pressure-balanced piston design, coupled with adjustable spring pre-load, sets it apart from other diverter valves.
Unlike the commonly used “normally open” valves, the SXV operates as a “normally closed” valve, enhancing throttle response
and reducing turbo lag.

Diverter Valve Functionality:

Turbo compressor surge prevention is the primary function of a diverter valve. By relieving boost pressure when the throttle is
closed, the SXV prevents compressor surge, extending the life of the turbo and ensuring optimal performance.

Why Replace the Factory-Fitted Diverter Valve?
1. Ultimate Reliability:

The plastic construction of the factory-fitted bypass valve on Polaris RZR turbo models can lead
to cracks and ruptures, causing boost pressure loss. The SXV’s robust design and materials ensure maximum boost reaches the
engine without compromising reliability.

2. Best Throttle Response & Performance:

Unlike factory valves, the SXV operates as a “normally closed” valve,
optimizing throttle response and minimizing turbo lag. The pressure-balanced piston design with spring pre-load adjustment
guarantees superior performance.

GFB’s Commitment:

Backed by GFB’s lifetime warranty, the SXV reflects the company’s confidence in its durability and performance.

For more information on the GFB SXV Recirculating Bypass Valve, please visit or contact Go Fast Bits at [email protected] or +61 2 9534 0099.

Performance Without Compromise – Go Fast Bits

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Performance Without Compromise