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And just like that our team is back at the Whiteline Tarmac Rally Sprint hosted by North Shore Sporting Car Club!

This year the event is back to five rounds! With the first round already completed, organizers from NSSCC have announced this season to be much greater than before, with a re-introduced dragstrip, a longer than-before track of 4.5km, and a new D2 car park included. Held at the Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek.


Our team had such a great day out at the opening round in October. From the sideline adrenalin rush of watching the race cars zooming past to announcing the winner of the junior competition and awarding the winning cheque, even the delicious coffee from George the coffee van man is great. GFB looks forward to this every year! Congratulations to the wonderful competitors and the talented teams that worked hard to be ready in time to tear up the track. Big smiles all around!


In the next round, we are bringing the notorious GFB Forester back to the tarmac. Check out the Forester episodes on Youtube.

GFB Budget Track Build EP 1 – YouTube

GFB Budget Track Build EP 2 – YouTube

GFB Budget Track Build EP 3 – YouTube

GFB Budget Track Build EP 4 – YouTube

GFB Budget Track Build EP 5 – YouTube


Dates for the next rounds

Round 2 – Tuesday 8th of November

Round 3 – Thursday 15th of December

Round 4 – Thursday 9th of February

Round 5 – Thursday 9th of March

See you all there!

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