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With the unveiling of the 2022 WRX Subaru has surprised everyone with an exciting change!

The traditional factory bypass valve on the FA24 engine in the 2022 WRX has been replaced by an electronic valve which undoubtedly turbocharged our engineers to head into the lab and find a GFB solution.

The trusted GFB patented DV+ released in 2013 has now been engineered to suit the 2022 WRX.

The DV+ T9369 solves ALL the shortcomings of the factory electronic diverter valve by replacing the plastic valve assembly with precision CNC machined metal components and changing the operation method so it can open and close progressively whilst retaining electronic control.

GFB can credit its origins directly to the WRX, as the excitement and possibility that a car like this offered in the late 1990’s was the reason we started making performance turbo products.

For almost 25 years we’ve offered a range of blow off and bypass valves for the WRX, and now, in the 2022 model we’ve seen the first significant change to the factory-fitted bypass/diverter valve, as it is now electronically controlled by the ECU.

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