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More Power, Better Response
Better Drivability ,Get The Sound

As the name suggests, the GFB Respons is designed specifically with the aim of improving throttle response and reducing turbo lag on the Nissan R35GT-R.

What’s TMS? GFB’s Turbo Management System is the term we apply to our diverter valves that have features designed specifically for the purpose of turbo lag reduction.

Tests show that TMS features can return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears*.

On top of the TMS benefits, the Respons also packs GFB’s patented adjustable venting bias system found on the Stealth FX.

Respons TMS can increase your boost by 30% during throttle modulation

This unique system allows the amount of air vented to either recirc or atmosphere to be infinitely varied to change the venting sound like a stereo volume dial!

So if you want noise with your performance, the Respons can deliver! By fine-tuning the venting ratio, you CAN achieve a blow-off sound WITHOUT throwing a CEL (check engine light), running rich, stalling, using more fuel or causing any other problems commonly associated with atmo-venting valves on cars with MAF sensors.

(*Chart shows comparative manifold boost pressure rise during 1st to 2nd gear shift as tested on a CA18DET with a T28 turbo. GFB TMS improvement is seen as a 30% faster return to peak boost, during which time up to40% more boost is available)

Available in a range of universal hose-mount or direct bolt-on configurations for many other popular models:

T9000 – Subaru WRX/STi MY99-00, Forester GT/XT MY98-04, Legacy B4

T9001 – Subaru WRX MY08-on, Forester XT MY08-on, Legacy GT MY03-on

T9002 – Nissan Skyline GTS-T/GT-T R32-34

T9202 – Nissan GTR R35 (2 valves included)

T9003 – Subaru WRX MY01-07, STi MY02-on, Forester XT MY05-07

T9004 – Nissan Silvia/200SX S14-15

T9025 – VW/Audi – all 1.8t models

T9033 – Mitsubishi EVO I-X

T9035 – Universal

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