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We sat down with Brett, the GFB Design Engineer, to learn more about their new BOV for the Ford F150 EcoBoost platform.

When developing the part, GFB surveyed a range of clients, including mechanics, professionals and DIY end-users, and wanted to ensure that the final product met everyone’s needs.

According to Brett, “whilst everyone expects a product to perform, mechanics will typically appreciate a part that fits well more than the end-user, but the end-user’s buying decision may be more affected by how it sounds”.

“We didn’t want to design a good product, we wanted to design a great product. The difference is delivering value, so understanding what our customers actually value is an important part of our design process”.

Addressing the OEM diverter valve’s known performance and reliability issues was a crucial factor. GFB wanted to make sure their product was a market-leading option for all users that came with a suite of features and performed as more than a simple replacement part.

Rather than just venting that factory diverter valve to the atmosphere (as some aftermarket products do), GFB’s F150 VTA replaces the valve mechanism of the factory diverter (keeping the solenoid and ECU control), delivering improved throttle response, blow-off valve sound, and boost recovery, as well as superior reliability in extreme conditions.

GFB also wanted to prioritise the mounting bracket to assure ease of installation, meaning that those with an aftermarket intercooler could also mount the part, inclusive of all makes and models.

“Our one kit fits everything,” Brett explains. “We’ve also included an additional O-ring on the bayonet section to increase the structural rigidity of the joint and address the common concern of leakage with the factory mounting system.”

“When we sent the product to a selection of users, the overwhelming feedback was they were pleased with the fitment and the sound of the GFB product, particularly compared to pricier options.”

For many users, it comes down to the reason for replacement, Brett explained. “With those seeking that amazing turbo sound, it ticks the box, but it is also a component with the added bonus of performance and throttle response that many users are seeking. Throw in GFB GFB’s lifetime warranty and it really is a no-brainer.”

“To the end-user, this piece is a great option – I’m excited about the product as a whole.”

“I think it beats the other products available out there in every aspect, in terms of sound, speed, fitment, performance and the price. After taking into account feedback during development, we’re selling what we believe to be the best product out there, in every way.”

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